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Bouncy Castle Rentals Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Lethbridge
Fequently Asked Questions?

1.        After submitting online request form?
We will check availability and confirm via e-mail the reservation within 24h (providing all the details such as pick up time, drop off time address to pick up, total $ amount, picture of the chosen bouncer and all safety rules) . The client shall confirm within 48h via e-mail in order to reserve the rental. If the client does not confirm within 48h reservation is canceled. Booking is free. You pay at the pick-up time security deposit of $100 cash and rental price plus GST or GST/PST for British Columbia province. Last moments bookings are welcome.
2.        Do I pay when I book the bouncer?
      Booking is free. You pay at the pick-up time security deposit of $100 cash and rental  price plus GST or GST/PST for British Columbia province.
3.        When I need to book? Can I book at the last moment?
      You can book anytime, as soon as you know you will need a bouncer. We will keep the bouncer for you for FREE, you don't pay when you book, you pay when you pick up. Last minute bookings are welcome, however we can not guarantee the bouncer you wish will be available at the last moment.
4.        When do I pick up and drop off the bouncer?
      Please call us or email us to find out the time and day for pick up.Each location has different pick up/drop off schedule and it changes seasonally.
5.        What area in the city are you located for pick up / drop off?
Calgary Birthday Party Rentals (Alberta) - 534 Cleveland Crescent SE
Edmonton Birthday Party Rentals (Alberta) - close to West Edmonton Mall
Vancouver Birthday Party Rentals (British Columbia) - Burnaby
Letbridge Birthday Party Rentals (Alberta) - 9th Avenue North
6.        Do you deliver or we have to pick up and drop off the bounce house rentals?
The rental cost doesn't include delivery and take out. You have to pick up from Fun 4us Rentals location and then drop off the bouncy castle within 24h. We offer delivery, set up and take out for additional charge within city limits. The cost depends from the size of the city:
Calgary bouncy castle rentals (Alberta) - upon request
Edmonton bounce house rentals (Alberta) - upon request
Vancouver bounce castle rentals (British Columbia) - upon request
Lethbridge inflatable bouncer (Alberta) - upon request
Offices reserve the right to refuse delivery or to charge extra dollars depends on the location and travel time. Please contact the local office for delivery set up / take out quotes.
7.        Do we pay damage deposit?
Yes, you have to pay $100 cash as a damage deposit at the pick-up time and you will get it back when you bring the bouncer back to us clean and undamaged. It is very important to have the bouncer dry at the drop off time (please don't leave the bounce house during rain outside or to stay outside overnight). If the bouncer is returned to us wet you will not receive your security deposit back. The water will damage the bouncer.The damage deposit is same for all locations.
8.        Is it easy to install the bounce house?
Yes, it is very easy; most of our clients pick up and install bounce house by them self and installation doesn't take more than 5 minutes.  Watch a video to see how easy and fast is to set up the kid's bouncy house here.
9.        How heavy is the bouncer? Is there anybody to help me load it in my vehicle? Can it fit in my car trunk?
      The bounce castles are between 55-130bs (20-65kg). We always help our clients to load their bouncers in their vehicle. Smaller bouncers can fit in any car trunk, but bigger once will need an SUV or a minivan.
10.        Do you provide all the equipment needed to set up the bouncer?
      Yes, we provide all the equipment to set up the bouncer - a bouncer, a blower, a tarp to put on the ground and prevent from a wet grass, pegs for the ground. Upon request we provide extension corsd, dolly, sand bags (for indoor), safety mats (no extra charge).
!!! Please note that if you do not have access to electricity you will need a generator and you can rent one from Home Depot tool rental departments.
11.        What do we do, if it rains the day of the party?
You can just cancel at last moment on the morning you suppose to pick up, no cancelation fees.
12.        Can I use the bouncer in rain or snow?
No, we don't allow that. The bouncers are not to be used with water and low temperature.
13.        Can I set up the castle on gravel or on deck?
No, you can't. It is not safe for the children and setting up on gravel can also damage the bouncer.
14.        Is the blower very noisy?
      The blower is noiseless.
15.        What is the lowest temperature I can use the bouncer outdoor?
We don't allow the use of the bouncers below +10º C degrees and during rain or snow. If it happens to rain or snow during the party, first thing is to turn off the blower and pull out the kids.
16.        Can we use the bouncer with pets?
No pets are allowed on the bouncers.
17.        Can adults play on the bouncers?
  No, adults are not allowed.
18.        Do you clean and sanitize the bouncers after each use?
Yes, we first check the integrity of the units with air and then we vacuum and clean stains from the previous party only with soap and water. (We don't use any strong chemicals to sanitize the inflatable bounce castes). We wash the plastic balls for the ball pit area once a month with water.
19.        What is the maximum kids' age of use for the inflatable bounce house rentals?
Depends on the tye of teh bouncer. Some are good for kids up to 3 yrs, others up to 6yrs, up to 8yrs or up to 12 yrs. Older kids will damage the bouncers and it is not safe. Adults and pets are not allowed in the bounce house.
20.        How many bags with balls will need to fill up the ball pit area for bounce castles?
Please contact with our office to find out, it is different for each bouncer. A minimum number of balls are included in the rental cost for all bouncers with ball it areas.
21.        Can I use the bouncers for public events?
In Alberta No, as we are not registered with AEDERSA.  British Columbia yes. However only 5-10 kids can play at the time safe in our bounce houses and the host must make sure someone supervise the kids all the time during the event and make small groups of 5-10 kids to play at the time if you are expecting more kids.
22.        Is food, shoes or kids with face paint allowed in the bouncers?
No food, no shoes or face paint allowed in our castles.
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